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Joe Rogan Tells Tulsi Gabbard: Big Tech Censorship Interferes with Democracy

The liberal media likes to hype that a lack of social media censorship and free speech online are ruining our democracy. But podcast host Joe Rogan has a different take.

The host of the Joe Rogan Experience Joe Rogan told Democratic Party presidential primary candidate Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) on the Nov. 26 episode that Big Tech companies are “interfering with democracy.” And Gabbard, who is suing Google for $50 million and accused the platform of suspending her campaign’s advertising account at a critical period after a Democratic presidential primary debate, ostensibly agreed.

“This is bigger than just the loss in opportunity that my campaign had because this happened on that night during that peak period,” Rep. Gabbard claimed. “Its a bigger issue about the power that this corporation has in Google in interfering essentially in fair elections and in what kind of information they’re willing to put in front of people.”

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