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Comrades in arms: Weili Zhang trains with presidential candidate / Russian asset Tulsi Gabbard

Mixed martial arts sure has come a long way from the early days when politicians were decrying it as ‘human cockfighting’ and actively trying to kill the sport. These days you have your pick across the political spectrum when it comes to leaders that are down with the UFC.

US President Donald Trump was the face of Affliction MMA and had Dana White speak at the Republican National Convention. He invited interim UFC champ Colby Covington into the Oval Office and family members attend Covington’s fights.

On the Democrat side you have presidential candidate Andrew Yang regularly discussing MMA news and vowing to do something about the alleged monopsony the UFC holds in the scene. If Yang’s math doesn’t quite add up to you, Tulsi Gabbard is also running for the Democratic nomination. She recently made headlines on MMA news sites by offering to help Chinese strawweight champion Weili Zhang secure a US visa.

Watch Tulsi fight!

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