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Democrat Tulsi Gabbard’s anti-war presidential campaign theme cheered in Malibu

MALIBU — The crowd came with Hawaiian shirts, flower leis and surfing jokes, and Tulsi Gabbard came looking to catch an elusive political wave.

Campaigning in Malibu on Sunday, the Hawaii congresswoman and presidential candidate drew applause from an audience of supporters and curious Democrats with a campaign message heavy on anti-war themes.

“Unfortunately you don’t hear many other candidates talking about this issue, but the fact of the matter is unless we work to end these wasteful regime-change wars, unless we work to end this new cold war with ever-increasing tensions between the United States and other nuclear-armed countries like Russia and China, unless we end this nuclear arms race that is costing us more money and making us less safe, we will not have the resources that we need to fix our crumbling infrastructure, to invest in protecting our environment, to invest in education, to invest in our future,” Gabbard said.

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